1. Who is Flixbox?
We are a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business that specialises in offering you movie rentals via our Flixbox kiosks.
You’ll find one of our kiosks at a supermarket near you!.

2. Do I need to be a member
No. We know you don’t need the hassle of yet another card, joining fee or monthly payment plan. As long as you’re over 16 years old and have a valid credit or debit card(Visa, Amex or MasterCard), you can use any Flixbox!.
If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a member click on the ‘members’ button above.

3. How do I Rent a Movie
Just press 'RENT' on the Flixbox touch-screen. 
Select your movie from the list and follow through to the checkout stage. Here you can enter any coupon codes. Finally push the ‘checkout button and swipe your credit or debit card.

4. How do I Return a Movie?
To return a movie, just touch the RETURN button on the Flixbox screen, push your movie into the slot with the silver label facing up, and wait for the movie to be placed back into the inventory.

5. How do I Buy a Movie
Yes you can buy ex-rentals from Flixbox too!. To buy a movie, just press buy on the Flixbox touch-screen. Select your movie from the list and follow through to the checkout stage. Finally push the ‘checkout button and swipe your credit or debit card.

6. How do I reserve a Movie?
Click on the ‘HELP’ button above to learn all about this awesome feature!.

7. When is my movie due back
All movies are due back 9pm the following day after renting and extra nights are $4

8. How can I pay for my movie
We accept any valid Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit or debit cards. 
Sorry no cash or Eftpos.

9. What if I keep the movie for more than one night

Did you fall asleep half way through the movie, or get distracted by something else? 
Don’t worry, you can keep it for up to 10 days. 
Your movie rental is only $4 per night

10. What if I never return the movie
Are you absolutely ga-ga for that movie? Or did your dog eat it? If you don’t return the movie after 10 days, your card will automatically be charged a total of $40, and then the movie is your's to keep - no questions asked!

11. What if my DVD is due back on a day when the store is closed
We think it would be pretty unfair to charge you for a night’s rental just because you can’t return it because the store is closed. So we won’t. Just ensure you return it the next day the store is open. We will extend your rentals for the day that the store is closed e.g. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

12. Can I return my movie to any other Flixbox

Yes you can, but we prefer if you stay loyal to your local Flixbox ☺.

13. What if the movie doesn't work

If your movie is damaged or faulty call our Customer Support on 0800 FLIXBOX (0800 3549269) or email info@flixbox.co.nz. Once you report a problem, we can prevent the faulty movie from being rented again. And of course you’ll get your money back or another free rental Promo Code.

14. What if the machine won't take my DVD back
The cool technology that makes a Flixbox work includes a wireless tag stuck on top of the disc. 
If this tag is tampered with or the tag is damaged, the machine will reject the disk.
Just call Customer Service on 0800 FLIXBOX (0800 3549269) for help or to report any problems.

15. Is my payment information secure
Absolutely. Flixbox is fully PCI compliant and encrypts your credit card details. DPS, our secure payments gateway communicates directly with your banks. That information won’t go anywhere else. There are no credit card, email or personal details stored on the machine. All transactions and data are secured to the highest international standards required by credit card companies.

16. Why have I been charged when I have used a Free Promo Code

Great question! When you swipe your credit card, Flixbox request an authorization from your Bank so that we know you're using a valid card. 
Rest assured this will not convert to an actual charge & will be removed from your transaction statement by your bank once the movie is returned. 
Each bank will differ in the amount of time it takes to remove the authorization, this can be up to 5 working days. Be sure to give them a call if you have any questions about their authorization process.

17. Why do you want my email address
First off this is how you will receive a receipt for each rental. We also use your email as a way to identify you as a customer and if you join as a member it will allow you to reserve movies online and earn loyalty points.

18. How many movies can I rent in one go

You can rent up to 3 movies per time. And you can buy up to 2 per day.

19. How do I get free movies

Sign up as a member and we will give you a free nights rental! 
Also ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and be involved in our regular promo giveaways and special deals.